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70s Tv Shows Quiz

70s Tv Shows Quiz. There's nothing quite like the classic tv shows of the 1970s. It was a great time for tv and some of those shows will forever be.

8 game shows of the 1960s
8 game shows of the 1960s from

That 70's show became so popular after it ended in the show's fictional date of 1979 that a new show followed in its place. From the birth of some classic sitcoms and panel shows, to blockbuster movies with soundtracks that have lasted through the years, the 1970’s was packed full of. Well, for this quiz, you would have to have watched lots of '60s and '70s shows to stand a shot at acing it.

If memory serves me right dragons lived in his firebox.

1970’s film & tv trivia questions & answers. Try out your tv knowledge skills in our quiz below! Do you love tv shows?

The show also featured well known skits like the church of what's happening now and flip dressed as the female character geraldine.

'70s tv shows random just for fun or show quiz can you click the '70s tv shows associated with these surnames and locations? Just for fun quiz / quick pick: • baretta • police woman • get christie love!

Look at questions about classic tv shows and answer them correctly to pass!

• b.j.'s pet chimpanzee • b.j.’s pet black bear cub • b.j.’s pet rottweiler 9. The six million dollar man. Unlike the previous two decades, where they focused on depicting a better, more perfect, life for viewers and never talking about things happening around the world, the 70’s found a way to touch on all the major problems going on in the world.

In the tv show b.j.

70s tv shows trivia questions and answers. The show was called what? By timmylemoine1 plays quiz updated nov 22, 2016.

Which show featured dan rowan and dick marten and a cast of comedians?

Well, for this quiz, you would have to have watched lots of '60s and '70s shows to stand a shot at acing it. The 1980’s was a totally awesome time for television. But these shows aired almost 40 years ago, so how much do you remember of your favorite.

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